About Us - Complete Rubber
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Welcome to Complete Rubber


Complete Rubber commenced business in August 1988. From a modest warehouse in Preston, we have now enjoyed steady growth and moved to a large more modern facility situated in Fairfield Victoria.

We service many industries throughout Australia, including a very strong distribution network. From Rubber products to Customer specification, we also provide standard products including silicone, extrusions, mouldings, gasket seals, rubber sheeting and self adhesive tapes just to name a few.

We remain committed to customer service, supplying all customers premium quality product, Service and Reliability.



The Management of Complete Rubber believes there is a need to provide its customers with high quality product, service and reliability. Management recognises that the success of the Quality Management System is dependent
on the support of all the employees and shall provide training to ensure this result.

To ensure this success Management and Staff are committed to the pursuance of quality through constant review of resources and planning in all areas, including internal training and any customer complaints.

We recognise that the quality of our equipment, products and services are determined by our customer’s needs
and expectations. Our objectives are to:

  • Identify the changing needs and expectations of our customer
  •  Develop and maintain processes and procedures that ensure that these changes are accommodated
  • Achieve efficiency in our operations, attention to detail, and responsiveness to customer priorities
  • Provide quality products and services on time, and at a competitive cost
  • Provide an employment environment where continuous improvement is encouraged

We, as a company will:

  • Remove wasted and non-value added steps and time in our processes where feasible
  • Strive to ensure that customer and stakeholder satisfaction is achieved at all times, and in all things
  • Support the adoption of appropriate quality systems and management principles in order that all stakeholders benefit from this commitment to quality

Employees are expected to:

  • Assist and cooperate in ensuring that this policy is followed
  • Actively participate in the adherence of this company to the achievement of the goals and objectives of this policy

Angelo Pietromonaco
Complete Rubber General Manager